Eva Green . 27 /100


I must be strong as my lady mother

dat one time greenseva gave vera flowers with her’s and my names written on a card in them

Q: Will you be my Eva Green ? 😉💕💕


I’m not okay with this. Not even a little bit.

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Q: Top 6 films

LOL why’d you ask on anon you numnut?

  1. The Conformist
  2. The Dreamers
  3. Closer to the Moon
  4. Cracks
  5. The Prince of Tides
  6. Veronika Decides to Die

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The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014, dir. Wes Anderson)

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River and the Doctor + the bow tie

Home is behind.
The world ahead
and there are many paths to tread.
Through shadow to the edge of night
until the stars are all alight.
Mist and shadow.
Cloud and shade.
All shall fade.
All shall f a d e.

I love the way you look at the world.